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Sunday, May 11, 2008

NEVER Invest ANY Company through the Back Door

Last year I invested in a company which I had not heard of but I invested because I had a lot of trust in the CEO of that company. I was supposed to receive an investment certificate but I didn't get one. My biggest mistake is that I didn't pursue for one as I didn't think I needed it due to my great trust in the CEO. If I'd gone through the proper channel I would have insisted on this investment certificate.

Now I can't withdraw from this investment, neither can I get my money back & this great mistake of mine has cost me US$878. It is not easy to earn that kind of money online esp when working on PTR (Paid To Read) & PTP (Paid To Post). Luckily I don't have to rely on this money for a living.

In my case the only proof I got, is my e-gold payment history & the conversations I'd with the CEO in Private Messages in his forum.

I would like my readers to know that no matter how much you can trust the CEO of ANY company, NEVER invest ANY company through the "back door". Always go through the proper channel like you would if you purchase shares in a company through your stock broker. You will then receive either a share certificate or a written document showing that you have invested in the company.