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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Good & the Bad Get Paid To (GPT) Sites

I have been working on GPT programs since 2002 & have come across many GPT sites, some of which are really bad ones. I will talk about the good ones first as we are all keen to know about the reputable ones & hate wasting time on the bad ones.

I have been paid by Sebas from Myfreeshares for 3 years already & this is the ONLY program which I can trust. Sebas is also the owner of donkeymails. I was a member of donkeymails till they changed server & somehow I can't read their emails after that, although Sebas had been trying to help me to resolve the problem. Although I get paid once a year from Myfreeshares, it is still worth to be in the program as it will only take less than 5 minutes a day clicking their ads. Sebas is a good admin who will always respond to my emails whenever I had a problem & that's why I'm still in the program.

My second good site is Strawberrybiz. I joined in Aug 2006 & have been paid ever since then & is still paying. I get lots of emails. Although they lower the email earnings, it is still worth to be in this program as it seems that I get paid $3 twice in a month. However, it has a poor admin support as the admin never relpies to my emails.

I have just joined ET-mails & ultraclicks. I've been paid twice already ever since I joined in Nov 2007 from both of them & they're still paying. They seem to be reliable but I'm cautious about the new ones as they may pay now & after a while they stop paying. However I've to say that ET-mails has a good admin & I hope this Paid To Read (PTR) site will last for a long time.

These sites below have stopped paying after a certain period of time:
- Dayscash & Beyondemails paying for < 6mths
- Niceptr & Readrevenue paying for about 9mths.

I am really surprised that Numenmails is still around after over a few years. I've lost $25 upgrading & have gained nothing from it except for a few lousy ads. I can't believe that I see this PTR in the "supposed to be" good Traffic Exchanges (TE) like TS25 & TrafficG though I've reported about this PTR to the TE sites.

A lot of people were excited about Agloco in the prelaunch stage. Now that we got the toolbar & surf, I don't see anyone got paid. I'm surprised to see that Agloco also has a paid email site which I doubt very much it will pay although I see a payout stat in their site. Can you imagine who will pay you $10 for each email read?

In general, any site which claims to pay a high rate, is a "scam" site. Although it is free to join unless you upgrade, I shouldn't classify it as a scam site but we have wasted our precious time in it & thus it can be classified as a scam site. These are the ones which we should avoid.

GPT post sites don't seem to last long but some good ones usually pay for a year or 2, & after that if you can't learn anything from them, it's time to stop posting in those sites. Posting in those sites takes longer than reading emails & also you need to be careful on what you post or you can be accused of being a postbuilder or a spammer.

Now we have new sites where we can get paid to review sites & they pay more than reading emails but not everyone likes reviewing sites.

My last warning to anyone who gets involve in any MLM program although it is not a GPT site, I must mention this as I'd lost more than $750 in this program & I don't want anyone working with MLM or any paid program to fall into the same boat as me.

I joined Empowerism as a free member around 2002 when I was new to working online. When I found it hard to recruit anyone to the program, I left & had lost nothing. A year or 2 later, I joined Empowerism again, this time as a paid member as I was attracted to the offer & thinking that it would work the second time round as the team "looked" good.

The offer was my first month subscripton fee was paid for, by a team who was promoting Empowerism in many good TE sites. I was in the 9th downline of the very TOP Empowerism recruiter in this team. I was told there would be spillover but I got
NOTHING from this TOP recruiter though I got 3 paid members from my immediate upline for only a couple of months & eventually 1 by 1 dropped out.

The reason I lost so much as I got deeper into their fake-attractive-looking lead & ad packages. These packages were supposed to cycle & if they cycled then only I would make money from them. I got ONE package cycled ONCE only & so I bought more packages. The cycles then got longer & longer & NEVER cycle anymore until eventually I'd to give up paying my monthly fee of $19.95. I think it's misleading that they put a time limit to this "buy 1 get 1 FREE" offer making me think that it must be a good deal as it was only for a short period of time & my 1st package cycled once. It wouldn't surprise me that they STILL have this fake-looking offer.

Again I was attracted to these packages as when I purchased 1 package ($100) I got 1 "FREE". Now I understand why Empowerism can afford to give these supposedly to be "FREE" packages away as I'm sure a lot of people like me dropped out not being able to continue waiting for these packages to cycle & had to stop paying the monthly fee. I'd learned my lesson NOT to be greedy with these "FREE" offers. There is NO such thing as a "FREE" offer & there's always catch.

My advice to anyone is that NOT to join any paid program unless you can recruit & NOT relying on spillover no matter how good the team may appear.