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Saturday, July 01, 2006

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

In my opinion, wealth goes together with health. If one makes so much money and if not healthy, what is the point as one will not be able to enjoy life with all the weatlh. So it is very important not to be stressed out about making money and not taking care of one's health.

Too much or prolonged stress can lead to many ill-health diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and many more.

The following points need to be taken into considersation in order to live a healthy lifestyle:

  • Avoid stress in whatever forms
  • Eat and drink wisely ie. include the right types of foods in your daily diet.
    See Healthy Eating as a guide

  • Exercise regularly. Exercise does not need to be strenuous

    • Gentle exercise like walking for half an hour each day

    • Jogging

    • Swimming

    • Practise yoga, tai chi or meditation as you will feel more relaxed with these exercises

    • Breathing and stretching exercises are useful too

      Every morning before I switch on my computer, I do at least 20 minutes of breathing & stretching exercises. Breathe in deeply and hold on my breath, counting to 10 before I breathe out. I can feel the goodness of fresh air with hardly any traffic to pollute the air. Try it yourself.

      I also find that belly dancing is very good for the back if you have back pain. I don't have stiff neck or back pain when I wake up in the morning after doing belly dancing regularly.

    • Exercise your brain by learning something new or play a new
      game which involves thinking as this will keep your brain cells active and young

    • Take part in sports which are of interest to you

  • Listen to music or play a musical instrument which helps you to relax

  • Do not smoke or breathe in second-hand smoke

  • Avoid using household items which contain harsh chemicals if possible, otherwise avoid breathing in the smell. You can get natural cleaning household items online from SFI Veriuni Store. See SFI store

  • Avoid breathing in polutted air if possible, for example, exhaust fumes, gasoline and chemicals in garden fertilizers

  • Do things in moderation, for example, vitamins are good for us but if taken in excessive amounts can be harmful to us

  • Make sure you are not overweight as we know that overweight can lead to many diseases as discussed earlier in stress