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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Health and Nutrition

I got a degree in food science and nutrition, and a post-graduate diploma in dietetics. However, due to personal reasons, I decided to pursue a career in computers. I feel that I have not yet made full use of my nutrition qualifications and so have decided to publish this book on health and nutrition.

This book is published by Trafford and is available in Trafford and Amazon bookstores. See Healthy Eating for details.

My intention is not so much as to make money on this book but to pass my health and nutrition knowledge to many people across the world. I hope one day people can fight against this devastating disease, cancer which I keep hearing about it, concerning the people I love.

Today with the increasing rate of cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and many more diseases, it is important we choose the right kind of foods besides having regular exercises. Eating the right kind of foods together with regular exercises and free from stress and polluted air, will make us healthy and also keep us from aging.

Exercises do not have to be strenuous like taking part in heavy sports. They can be gentle like walking at least half an hour each day, yoga, tai chi, swimming or involve in fitness programs.

However we can make money by writing books on any topics which are of interest to us.


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