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Monday, May 22, 2006

Make Money from Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs like Amazon, clickbank, commission Junction, linkshare and those which I mentioned in the previous post. Google adsense also has a referral program which allows you to earn commissions.

Amazon affiliate program is probably one of the most popular ones because it has a wide range of products such as health, nutrition, and anti-aging products, electronics, sports and fitness, books,jewellery, DVDs, CDs, clothing and many more.

When you join a free money making affiliate program try to select advertisers who have good offers with decent prices and offer a real value for money. Your visitor is likely to make a purchase from these advertisers, which means you make money through commissions.

We like to buy the best products money can buy. Hence it is important you choose the advertisers who offer high quality products and good services as these will help you to make more money online. So choose products and companies with good reputations and quality sales pages.

It is important where and how you place your affiliate links in your webpage. Placing affiliate links within posts gives a better result than displaying affiliate banners in your webpage. Visitors are more likely to click on a link within a post than they are to click on an obvious advertisement in your webpage. Ideally, you want to write topics which are related to your affiliate programs so that you can gradually blend in your affiliate links, but make sure you do not clutter the affiliate links in one spot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice to mention that you are looking for a trust wordy company with good sales stats...and the part from affl link..but wich person is realy teaching them, where you can find a affl link..when he is too long and breaks..Its not only about THE MONEY...Help them with knowledge, wich are the good ones and show where too pick up link and use it correctly...When the person then starts...He or Sheis more confident that it works...and that is you first base too earn more...

Thank you and good luck,

3:27 PM  
Blogger Miss. Sana said...

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