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Saturday, November 08, 2008

PTRs Have Abandoned Egold Payout

A month ago all my PTRs encouraged members to be paid by e-gold as they removed the 10% e-gold fee. Now they inform members that they won't pay by e-gold. I wonder if anyone knows why they have changed their mind so drastically. The bad thing about these PTRs is that they won't give me a reply. So I've to stop working on PTRs.

I wonder if Myfreeshares will stop paying by e-gold. I won't be able to find out till the next payout which will be next year.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

NEVER Invest ANY Company through the Back Door

Last year I invested in a company which I had not heard of but I invested because I had a lot of trust in the CEO of that company. I was supposed to receive an investment certificate but I didn't get one. My biggest mistake is that I didn't pursue for one as I didn't think I needed it due to my great trust in the CEO. If I'd gone through the proper channel I would have insisted on this investment certificate.

Now I can't withdraw from this investment, neither can I get my money back & this great mistake of mine has cost me US$878. It is not easy to earn that kind of money online esp when working on PTR (Paid To Read) & PTP (Paid To Post). Luckily I don't have to rely on this money for a living.

In my case the only proof I got, is my e-gold payment history & the conversations I'd with the CEO in Private Messages in his forum.

I would like my readers to know that no matter how much you can trust the CEO of ANY company, NEVER invest ANY company through the "back door". Always go through the proper channel like you would if you purchase shares in a company through your stock broker. You will then receive either a share certificate or a written document showing that you have invested in the company.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Good & the Bad Get Paid To (GPT) Sites

I have been working on GPT programs since 2002 & have come across many GPT sites, some of which are really bad ones. I will talk about the good ones first as we are all keen to know about the reputable ones & hate wasting time on the bad ones.

I have been paid by Sebas from Myfreeshares for 3 years already & this is the ONLY program which I can trust. Sebas is also the owner of donkeymails. I was a member of donkeymails till they changed server & somehow I can't read their emails after that, although Sebas had been trying to help me to resolve the problem. Although I get paid once a year from Myfreeshares, it is still worth to be in the program as it will only take less than 5 minutes a day clicking their ads. Sebas is a good admin who will always respond to my emails whenever I had a problem & that's why I'm still in the program.

My second good site is Strawberrybiz. I joined in Aug 2006 & have been paid ever since then & is still paying. I get lots of emails. Although they lower the email earnings, it is still worth to be in this program as it seems that I get paid $3 twice in a month. However, it has a poor admin support as the admin never relpies to my emails.

I have just joined ET-mails & ultraclicks. I've been paid twice already ever since I joined in Nov 2007 from both of them & they're still paying. They seem to be reliable but I'm cautious about the new ones as they may pay now & after a while they stop paying. However I've to say that ET-mails has a good admin & I hope this Paid To Read (PTR) site will last for a long time.

These sites below have stopped paying after a certain period of time:
- Dayscash & Beyondemails paying for < 6mths
- Niceptr & Readrevenue paying for about 9mths.

I am really surprised that Numenmails is still around after over a few years. I've lost $25 upgrading & have gained nothing from it except for a few lousy ads. I can't believe that I see this PTR in the "supposed to be" good Traffic Exchanges (TE) like TS25 & TrafficG though I've reported about this PTR to the TE sites.

A lot of people were excited about Agloco in the prelaunch stage. Now that we got the toolbar & surf, I don't see anyone got paid. I'm surprised to see that Agloco also has a paid email site which I doubt very much it will pay although I see a payout stat in their site. Can you imagine who will pay you $10 for each email read?

In general, any site which claims to pay a high rate, is a "scam" site. Although it is free to join unless you upgrade, I shouldn't classify it as a scam site but we have wasted our precious time in it & thus it can be classified as a scam site. These are the ones which we should avoid.

GPT post sites don't seem to last long but some good ones usually pay for a year or 2, & after that if you can't learn anything from them, it's time to stop posting in those sites. Posting in those sites takes longer than reading emails & also you need to be careful on what you post or you can be accused of being a postbuilder or a spammer.

Now we have new sites where we can get paid to review sites & they pay more than reading emails but not everyone likes reviewing sites.

My last warning to anyone who gets involve in any MLM program although it is not a GPT site, I must mention this as I'd lost more than $750 in this program & I don't want anyone working with MLM or any paid program to fall into the same boat as me.

I joined Empowerism as a free member around 2002 when I was new to working online. When I found it hard to recruit anyone to the program, I left & had lost nothing. A year or 2 later, I joined Empowerism again, this time as a paid member as I was attracted to the offer & thinking that it would work the second time round as the team "looked" good.

The offer was my first month subscripton fee was paid for, by a team who was promoting Empowerism in many good TE sites. I was in the 9th downline of the very TOP Empowerism recruiter in this team. I was told there would be spillover but I got
NOTHING from this TOP recruiter though I got 3 paid members from my immediate upline for only a couple of months & eventually 1 by 1 dropped out.

The reason I lost so much as I got deeper into their fake-attractive-looking lead & ad packages. These packages were supposed to cycle & if they cycled then only I would make money from them. I got ONE package cycled ONCE only & so I bought more packages. The cycles then got longer & longer & NEVER cycle anymore until eventually I'd to give up paying my monthly fee of $19.95. I think it's misleading that they put a time limit to this "buy 1 get 1 FREE" offer making me think that it must be a good deal as it was only for a short period of time & my 1st package cycled once. It wouldn't surprise me that they STILL have this fake-looking offer.

Again I was attracted to these packages as when I purchased 1 package ($100) I got 1 "FREE". Now I understand why Empowerism can afford to give these supposedly to be "FREE" packages away as I'm sure a lot of people like me dropped out not being able to continue waiting for these packages to cycle & had to stop paying the monthly fee. I'd learned my lesson NOT to be greedy with these "FREE" offers. There is NO such thing as a "FREE" offer & there's always catch.

My advice to anyone is that NOT to join any paid program unless you can recruit & NOT relying on spillover no matter how good the team may appear.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Natural Healing

Have you ever tried using natural healing to treat yourself against certain illness or injury?

I've experienced 2 types of natural healers in particular, reiki & accupressure. So I'm going to talk about these from my own personal experiences, though there are more natural healers like reflexology, acupuncture, herbology, aromatherapy & many more.


Reiki (pronounced as "Ray-Key") is a Japanese form of stress reduction & relaxation which also promotes healing. It has helped in healing virtually every known illness and injury. The energy of reiki already exists within you & you use this flow of energy to apply to the part of the area that you are trying to heal.

These are my experiences on reiki which I would like to share with you.

I had a cyst in my upper gum & I went for the operation to get rid of it. Two years later it came back & I didn't want another operation. My girls persuaded me to practise reiki. At first I didn't believe in it but it did work on me several times & now I go for reiki whenever I need to heal myself.

I used the energy from the palm of my hands to apply to my gum everyday for 5 - 6 wks. The cyst disappeared but a few years later it came back for the third time & I used the same technique to get rid of it. Now it has been over 4 years already & it hasn't come back. Not only I have saved over $1000, I hate to have my gum cut open & also suffer from the side effects after the operation as I refused to take antibiotics after I had the operation.

I also had a bad knee & at one time I couldn't climb up the stairs. I went to the doctor & he couldn't see anything wrong with it. I could hear my bones cracking at times. So I used reiki again on my bad knee & it worked. So now I don't see my doctor except for the yearly checkup. So everytime I mow my lawn, my knee starts to ache & I practise reiki & it works everytime.

My sister-in-law has spiderveins for many years & in 2005 it was bad while I was there on holiday. I told her to practise reiki & her condition has improved a lot. For her it will take more than just 4 or 5 weeks as her condition is pretty bad.


Accupressure is also good to treat certain conditions. I use some of these techniques quite often.

  • Acne

    • Press both accupressure points which are situated one finger-width below the lower ridge of each eye socket, in line with the centre of the iris & in an identation of the cheek

    • Hold the points for 1 minute

    • Do this 3 times a day for a clearer & more radiant skin

  • Backache

  • Pressing the accupressure points which are behind your knees, may help to move pain & pressure away from your back.

    • Lie on your back with your legs up & your knees bent

    • Place your fingertips in the centre of the crease behind each knee

    • Holding on to these points, gently rock your legs back & forth for 1 minute as you breathe deeply

    • When you are done, let your feet rest flat on the floor, with your knees bent & relax

    • Repeat this exercise 3 times a day

  • Colds (dry cough & fever)

    • Use pressure points in the depressions directly below the protrusions on the left & right sides of the collarbone (P1), underneath the base of the skull & 2 inches out from the middle of your neck (P2), & at the outer edge of each elbow crease (P3)

    • Start with P1, press both points for 1 minute while breathing slowing & deeply

    • Move to P2 & press both points with the thumbs for 1 minute

    • Next move to P3, stimulating one of the points with the middle finger of your opposite hand for 1 minute before switching hands

    • Then return to P1 & repeat the entire sequence

    • Do this 3 times a day

  • Colds (sniffy, sneezy cold symptoms)

    • Use 1 minute of pressure each on points in the webbing between the thumb & index finger (P4), on the face on each side of the nostrils (P5), & in the upper ridges of your eye sockets close to the bridge of your nose (P6)

    • Pregnant women must AVOID pressure point (P4) as stimulating this point can activate uterine contraction

  • Coughing

    • With the middle fingers of both hands, press the P1 points, situated in the depressions directly below the protrusions on the left & right sides of the collarbone

  • Constipation

    • While lying down comfortably press P7 which is found 3 finger-width below navel

    • Close your eyes & breath deeply as you use all of your fingers to apply gradual pressure. Press for 2 minutes

    • You can also press each P3 point (which is at the outer edge of each elbow crease), holding it for half a minute, then switching to the other side

    • Do this 3 times a day

  • Dizziness

    • Press both P8 points, situated 4 finger-widths below each kneecap in the outer leg

    • Sitting down with your knees bent, press the point on each shin bone with the thumb or forefinger of the same or the opposite hand

  • Eyestrain

    • With both thumbs, press the P6 points, located in the upper ridges of your eye sockets close to the bridge of your nose

    • Press upward into the indentations of the eye sockets & hold for 2 minutes while you concentrate on slow, deep breathing

  • Foot pain

    • For pain in the big toe, press P9 point, located on the top of the foot in the valley between the big toe & the second toe. Hold it for 1 minute

    • To relieve foot cramp, press P10 point in the upper arch of the foot, one thumb-width from the ball of the foot. Press it for 1 minute

  • Headache

    • Use the thumbs of both hands, press P2 point underneath the base of the skull & 2 inches out from the middle of your neck

    • Sitting in a chair & bending over, with your elbows propped on a table, breathe deeply & press firmly for 2 minutes

    • P4 point (situated in the webbing between the thumb & index finger), is especially helpful for frontal headache but NOT for pregnant women as described under Colds (sniffy, sneezy cold symptoms)

  • Heartburn

    • Press P11 point, located in the middle of your body just below the rib-cage, for NO longer than 2 minutes ONLY when your stomach is fairly empty

  • Hiccups

    • With the fingertips of both hands firmly hold P12 points on the left & right sides of the body below the edge of the rib cage (ie. P11 point is in the middle between the two P12 points)

    • Close your eyes & breathe deeply as you hold the points for several minutes

  • Insomnia

    • Use the index & ring fingers of one hand, apply pressure to the identation on the back of the head at the base of the skull for several minutes

    • Exhale first, then inhale, receiving a new breath as you guide your fingers to the spot

    • You can also apply pressure to the fleshy pad of skin at the base of either thumb, switching hands

  • Joint Pain

    • For joint pain anywhere in the body, press both P8 points, situated 4 finger-widths below each kneecap in the outer leg

    • For joint pain & stiffness in the ankle, press both P13 points, situated in the large hollow directly in front of the outer ankle bone

    • For knee joint pain, press both P14 points, situated 4 finger-widths below each kneecap in the inner leg (opposite P8 point)

    • For wrist pain, press P15 & P16 points

      • P15 is located on the inside of each arm in the middle of the wrist crease

      • P16 is located on the outside of each arm in the hollow at the centre of the wrist crease

    • For shoulder pain, press the points on each side of the shoulder

  • Leg Cramp

    • For cramp in the calf, press the point, situated in the middle of the calf

    • Hold for 1 minute

  • Memory Problems

    • Press the points, situated near the temples

    • Sitting in a chair, resting your elbows on a table & pressing the heels of your hands on these points

    • Close your eyes, relax & breathe deeply as you press these points for at least 1 minute

  • Migranes

    • Use the thumbs of both hands, press P2 point underneath the base of the skull & 2 inches out from the middle of your neck

    • Sitting in a chair & bending over, with your elbows propped on a table, breathe deeply & press firmly for 2 minutes

  • Sinus Problems

    • Press both P5 points on the face on each side of the nostrils for 2 minutes

  • Sprains

    • For ankle sprain, press P13 point, situated in the large hollow directly in front of the outer ankle bone

  • Stomachache

    • Press both P12 points on the left & right sides of the body below the edge of the rib cage

  • Water Retention

    • To improve the body's fluid balance, press P10 points, situated in the upper arch of each foot, one thumb-width from the ball of the foot

  • Wrinkles

    • To tone facial muscles, press both facial beauty points which are situated at the bottom of each cheekbone, directly below the eye pupil

I prefer natural healing to modern medicine. I hate to use drugs for treatment & if I can avoid them, I will.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

In my opinion, wealth goes together with health. If one makes so much money and if not healthy, what is the point as one will not be able to enjoy life with all the weatlh. So it is very important not to be stressed out about making money and not taking care of one's health.

Too much or prolonged stress can lead to many ill-health diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and many more.

The following points need to be taken into considersation in order to live a healthy lifestyle:

  • Avoid stress in whatever forms
  • Eat and drink wisely ie. include the right types of foods in your daily diet.
    See Healthy Eating as a guide

  • Exercise regularly. Exercise does not need to be strenuous

    • Gentle exercise like walking for half an hour each day

    • Jogging

    • Swimming

    • Practise yoga, tai chi or meditation as you will feel more relaxed with these exercises

    • Breathing and stretching exercises are useful too

      Every morning before I switch on my computer, I do at least 20 minutes of breathing & stretching exercises. Breathe in deeply and hold on my breath, counting to 10 before I breathe out. I can feel the goodness of fresh air with hardly any traffic to pollute the air. Try it yourself.

      I also find that belly dancing is very good for the back if you have back pain. I don't have stiff neck or back pain when I wake up in the morning after doing belly dancing regularly.

    • Exercise your brain by learning something new or play a new
      game which involves thinking as this will keep your brain cells active and young

    • Take part in sports which are of interest to you

  • Listen to music or play a musical instrument which helps you to relax

  • Do not smoke or breathe in second-hand smoke

  • Avoid using household items which contain harsh chemicals if possible, otherwise avoid breathing in the smell. You can get natural cleaning household items online from SFI Veriuni Store. See SFI store

  • Avoid breathing in polutted air if possible, for example, exhaust fumes, gasoline and chemicals in garden fertilizers

  • Do things in moderation, for example, vitamins are good for us but if taken in excessive amounts can be harmful to us

  • Make sure you are not overweight as we know that overweight can lead to many diseases as discussed earlier in stress

Thursday, June 01, 2006

How to increase traffic to your blog

You need traffic (ie. visitors) to your blog in order to make money. This will take time and does not happen overnight, especially when you are new to blogging. Since a lot people have discussed about this topic, I only want to summarize it with some qoutes from the experts, as this is an important topic and I am sure a lot of us especially the beginners are working very hard to get visitors to our sites.

Here is the summary of increasing traffic to your blog:

  • Write frequently especially at the beginning, probably at least one post per day or every other day so that both readers and search engines will visit your site more often

  • Write good, original and interesting topics to attract visitors and they are more likely to come back. Good content also attracts search engines

  • The appearance, colours and style of your site, will affect whether anyone is going to read your blog.

    I know if I visit a site and the background or colour hurts my eyes, I will close it off immediately. So it is worth your time and effort designing a good blog.

    I spend several hours on most evenings reading Darren Rowse's problogger and I find there are lots of useful and interesting tips there.

    Here is one of the useful tips from Darren:

    "Good Blog Design is really important if you want your blog to create a good first impression. With millions of other blogs and sites out there its worth some effort to make yours stand out." Visit Darren's

    and I am sure you will find useful tips there

  • Your site needs to be viewed and visitors taking part in it. Hence it is important not to ignore the comments on your blog. Participate in your readers' comments and invite visitors to your blog.

    Here are a couple of useful tips from Yaro Starak's (Blog Traffic King) newsletter:

    "Don't ignore the comments on your blog. They are really important tools for generating traffic."

    "When first time visitors to your blog see other people making lots of comments they are more likely to decide there is something valuable at your blog and bookmark or subscribe to it and may even make a comment."

    Visit Yaro's site,
    Entrepreneurs Journey
    and I am sure you will find useful information there

  • Participate actively in online forums and leave a signature with a link to your blog. Make sure that your signature is also included in all your outgoing emails. Comment on other sites

  • Optimize your posts for search engines and there are several ways to do this:

    • Include the primary keyword in your link (URL)

    • Include the primary key phrases in your header tags (h1, h2) and the titles of your posts

    • Use the secondary keywords in the body of your posts, but do not overdo this or your posts will look awkward and spammy to readers

    • Build links to your site. Offer to exchange links with sites of similar content. Search engines will rank your site according to the number of incoming links

  • Submit your blog to the major search engines, blog search engines and directories. Most people search for blogs on blog search engines and not so much on the major search engines. So make sure you submit your blog to the majority of them. A lot of these blog search engines and directories want you to link back to them. So this is another way to build links to your site for free.
    Submit Blogs and RSS Feeds
    and you can submit your blog to many sites for free. It is worth linking to the good ones, for examples,

  • You can have your site analyzed and links checked before
    submitting to the search engines, see
    Quick Register
    for free search engine submission service

  • Write articles about your blog posts and submit them to ezines and forums. Make sure you include a hyperlink to your blog

Please feel free to comment on my post and add anything that you feel

Monday, May 22, 2006

Make Money from Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs like Amazon, clickbank, commission Junction, linkshare and those which I mentioned in the previous post. Google adsense also has a referral program which allows you to earn commissions.

Amazon affiliate program is probably one of the most popular ones because it has a wide range of products such as health, nutrition, and anti-aging products, electronics, sports and fitness, books,jewellery, DVDs, CDs, clothing and many more.

When you join a free money making affiliate program try to select advertisers who have good offers with decent prices and offer a real value for money. Your visitor is likely to make a purchase from these advertisers, which means you make money through commissions.

We like to buy the best products money can buy. Hence it is important you choose the advertisers who offer high quality products and good services as these will help you to make more money online. So choose products and companies with good reputations and quality sales pages.

It is important where and how you place your affiliate links in your webpage. Placing affiliate links within posts gives a better result than displaying affiliate banners in your webpage. Visitors are more likely to click on a link within a post than they are to click on an obvious advertisement in your webpage. Ideally, you want to write topics which are related to your affiliate programs so that you can gradually blend in your affiliate links, but make sure you do not clutter the affiliate links in one spot.